Las Vegas is a place that people all around the world go to visit. Vegas is full of casinos and the excitement of winning a lot of money. Many people head to Vegas to try their luck and check out the latest slot machines. There is so much to see and do at the casinos. The casinos also host a number of shows and even have activities that are fun for the entire family to enjoy. Vegas has a lot more interesting things to do and see besides spending time at a casino. There is also a lot that happens off the Las Vegas strip. There are seven things to do off the Vegas Strip that are fun and exciting.
.1 Visit the Mob Museum
The mob once has a very big role in Las Vegas. They had a lot of power and control. At the same time, that may no longer be the chance the mob does have a history in Vegas. While a person is in town they can visit The Mob Museum. This is located in the downtown part of Vegas. This museum is built in an old federal courthouse. A person can get their picture taken sitting next to life-sized replications of some of the most famous mob bosses to rule Vegas. They can see their real items and take a number of pictures. Here a person can find out how the different mobsters played a role in the history of Vegas.
.2 Neon Boneyard
Vegas is known for its bright and colorful signs. When a billboard gets old and out of date it has to go somewhere. Many of these signs are just too nice and there was too much work put into them to just throw them away. When a person takes a walk down the Neon Boneyard they will see all sorts of old glitzy Las Vegas signs. Some of them are icons and some of them are just interesting to look at. There are tours that are offered on a daily basis. There are a number of signs here that are from past decades. When a new sign is designed the sign that they replaced comes to this boneyard. There is also a Neon Museum that goes along with the boneyard.
.3 Become a Pilot
While a person may not get all the training they need to fly on their own outside the strip a person can learn how to fly within a matter of hours. The Sky Combat Ace will teach a person how to fly aerobatic planes. They will get to work with an instructor and then go up in the air with a team and fly. They will also be with a pilot that has been trained to do a number of stunts. This is something that people do not get to do every day and is just minutes from the casino action. A person will also get to be in the plane while it is doing loops and other tricks in the air. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that a person should take that is just off the Strip of Las Vegas.
.4 Play Some Classics
When a person is visiting downtown Vegas they will get to go back to the past. They can visit some games that they loved in their younger days. They can walk around the downtown area and play some games that are from the 1980s. There are several bars that have classic arcade games that are from the 80s that many people still love to play. While a person is playing these games they can have a couple of drinks as well. There is nothing like playing classic video games such as Donkey Kong and Frogger while having some adult beverages.
.5 Drive a Fancy Car
Just outside of the strip there are several different companies that will allow a person to drive a muscle car or a classic car. They can pick the company based on the type of car that they want to drive. They can drive around the desert in the car of their dream. There are many different cars. There is everything from classic Mustangs to some of the most expensive cars that are made.
.6 Red Rock Canyon
This is a great activity for those that want to get out and explore the nature of the desert. Vegas is the perfect place for a person to go rock climbing. Red Rock Canyon is a great place to go out and see the beauty of the desert. Red Rock Canyon is one of the best climbing sport in the southwestern part of the United States. There are a number of unique rock formations and some very bright and colorful rocks. There are also hiking trails for people that are not able to climb. This place is around a 20-minute drive from the casinos but many feel that it is well worth it.
.7 Visit Lake Mead
While Las Vegas is located in the center of a desert there is an oasis in the area. Lake Mead is the largest reservoir in the United States. This lake is formed by the Hoover Dam. If a person wants to get away from the glitz and the busy city structure of the Vegas Strip they can spend some time at this lake. A person can rent a wakeboard or a pontoon boat for a couple of hours or for the day. They can also rent jet skis as well as equipment to allow them to play water sports.
These are seven of the best activities that a person can do outside of the Las Vegas Strip. The casinos are fun and exciting but there is so much more to do in Vegas they sit and gamble or watch shows. These activities will allow a person to experience all that this area has to offer. These activities are exciting and all a person has to do is venture a couple of miles outside of the busy Las Vegas Strip.

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