Percent of People Visiting Las Vegas from other country’s VS USA Visitors

Flocking to Las Vegas
Las Vegas is known for attracting a large variety of visitors each and every single day. In just one day, Las Vegas has had over 100,000 people visiting this colorful city. It is a fact, many are flocking to experience this vibrant and energized hot-spot. It may be of interest to discover, there has been a vast amount of intriguing information that has been gathered about visitors and Las Vegas. There are reports and studies that have involved the attitudes of those people who come to Las Vegas as a visitor. Flocking to Las Vegas may be an understatement. What is the secret?

International Travelers Growing
Foreign tourism has always flourished within Las Vegas. Foreign travelers coming to Las Vegas does seem to be growing at a rapid pace. In the year 2011, there were actually 6.2 million people who came to visit. These were individuals from foreign countries. This growing trend may be due to the fabulous shopping experience they receive. The international visitor may spend an average of 291 dollars while a domestic visitor may spend approximately 99 dollars while they shop. Foreign travelers seem to have a passion for the many grand shopping opportunities that are available in this city. The Las Vegas experience is one-of-a-kind. Word-of-mouth tends to spread amongst the many delighted domestic travelers because the numbers seem to be growing. Las Vegas is ready to graciously welcome even more satisfied foreign visitors. There is much more do and experience. The international tourist is outspending the domestic traveler.

Ready for the Year 2020
Attracting up to 30 percent more visitors from around the globe, may become a reality for Las Vegas. This city is ready for this growth to happen by the year 2020. There are approximately 16 percent of foreign visitors coming to this city at this current time. Jumping up to 30 percent by the year 2020 is a distinct possibility.

Comparing Spending Habits
The data that had been gathered about the visitors in Las Vegas included information about spending habits. A domestic traveler may spend a total of nearly 600 dollars while visiting. A foreign traveler may spend nearly 1,500 dollars on average. The grand events, the many casinos and much more is available in this city. It is clear, the foreign traveler is captivated by Las Vegas and ready to open their wallets a little wider. The domestic traveler is intrigued and a little tighter with their spending habits. Every visitor loves this dazzling city and each visitor has a personal spending agenda. Comparing the spending habits of a domestic visitor and a foreign visitor is a unique experience because every visitor has unique goals for their visit.

The Fascinating Las Vegas Profile
It is true, Las Vegas does have an extraordinary and highly interesting profile. This is a visitor profile. Travel trends tend to intrigue and provide excellent information. The percentages and numbers do not lie. Are you interested to find out why people love to visit Las Vegas? What are they doing? The Las Vegas profile has some bits of interesting facts to provide some insight into the Las Vegas experience. The following facts may enlighten you. They include:
* there are 59 percent of the visitors who wanted to discover the Fremont Street experience
* 36 percent of the visitors had a goal of seeing the downtown area. This goal increased by six percent this last year
* in 2014, there were 19 percent of the visitors from a foreign country
* in 2014, 65 percent of the visitors had attended on of the many shows during their visit. This rose by 72 percent from the previous year
* there was an average, in 2014, for a visitor gambling budget. This was approximately 530 dollars
* there was an average of ten percent of the visitors who had children under the age of 21 years old
* there was an 80 percent decrease in the overall visitor gambling from the year 2010 to 2014
* nearly 300 dollars was spent by visitors for drinks and food during their visit
* the average length of stay was 3 nights and four days
* 42 percent of the visitors came by air for their visit. 58 percent came to visit by a ground method
* 19 percent of the visitors, in 2014, claimed this was their first visit to Las Vegas
This is just a piece of the amazing Las Vegas profile. This ought to provide some insight about the wide variety of people who flock to Las Vegas for a visit.

The International Visitor
It is common for any international visitor to fly into the city through the mesmerizing blue skies and look out their airplane window to see the continuous desert land below them. This is where the excitement begins. Every international visitor will have their own particular ideas about their visit. Anticipating the thrill of the casinos may be on their personal agenda. Some are coming to this city for a brief visit and plan accordingly. Each and every international visitor expects to be entertained, welcomed and completely thrilled by their visit to Las Vegas. The increase in international visitors has shown that Las Vegas delivers an exceptional experience because each year the international numbers continue to rise.

The Top Visiting Countries
Countries all around the world are coming to Las Vegas to visit. This city seems to have it all. There have been more visitors from the following countries. These are:
* Canada
* Mexico
* United Kingdom
It is a safe bet, these three countries rank in the top visiting countries from across the globe. The top three actually make up approximately 70 percent of international visitors in Las Vegas. This entire flow can change if more traffic is drawn from all across the world. The flow has the ability to be doubled.

Business and Pleasure Still go Together
More foreign visitors may be on the way to visit Las Vegas. It is a city that caters to the business professional too. The mixing of business and pleasure, in a quality city, is more than appealing. Domestic and foreign professionals enjoy this mix. This is just one more reason that people are flocking to Las Vegas.

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