11/14/2013-- The show starts tomorrow! It's looking like it's going to be a great one. This is my last update as I will be onsite. We have a few PEZ dispensers that will be available at FX. Dealer booths are sold out. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the event!

 11/10/13--A few updates... If you want a PEZ dispenser, you have 3 days to order it from the website. We will be removing the link on Wednesday 11/13 at Midnight. The balance of them will surely sell out at the show. This goes for advance tickets as well. If you don't order them by Wednesday, you will have to wait in line and buy them at the door. EXHIBITORS! Believe it or not a still have a handful of booths available, it's going to be a great show! Most of our guests will be signing on Friday night and then attending Friday's party! We still need a couple more voluteers for the show. Hit up our volunteer page on Facebook if you are intersted. www.facebook.com/groups/fxvolunteers. Sammy Stephens will not be attending FX.

Theodus Crane of "The Walking Dead" will be appearing at FX on Saturday! He will be signing at Mike's Comics booth.

10/30/13-- PEZ HAVE ARRIVED! These are the coolest PEZ Exclusive I've ever seen! We will start shipping them out on Friday! Thank you so much for supporting the return of the Florida Xtravaganza! We still have a limited number of these available. ORDER YOURS NOW! (The random blue ones are a preview of our Staff exclusive, you'll have to be at FX to acquire one of those!)

10/23/13-- Joseph Gatt will be appearing at The Florida Xtravaganza! Joseph is most well known for his Roles as Grundroth the Ice Giant in "THOR" and as Scince Officer 0718 in "STAR TREK Into The Darkness". He was also in "Pulse", "Banshee" and has done a great deal of work for video games including Star Wars the Old Republic. He will be featured as an undisclosed character in the next season of "Game of Thrones"

10/22/13-- Announcing Guests appearing at the Florida Xtravaganza! J. LaRose most famous for Now you See Me, Insidious and Saw. Johnny Martino known for the Godfather and dozens of other films. Wikked Steel will be displaying some of their incredible Custom Bikes and YouTube sensation Sammy Stephens will be in the house! 

10/20/13 -- 2009 Project Vinyl Art Jam Figures are now on eBay! 

In cooperation with the twentieth annual FX Show in 2009, Mezco Toyz supplied approximately one hundred specially made, six inch tall, blank Mez-Itz designer vinyl figures to artists from all walks of life and all ages, some famous, some not, to customize as part of the FX Project Vinyl Art Jam. Each artist had 90 minutes to customize their blank Mez-Itz figure. The completed figures were then displayed and voted on by show attendees with prizes awarded to the “fan-favorites”. The figures were slated to be auctioned at the following years' event to benefit Cancer charities. Unfortunately, the FX International Convention for 2010 never was and the figures were never sold.
We are pleased to announce that in conjunction with the return of the “Original” Florida Xtravaganza Convention, these figures are finally being auctioned! 100% of the proceeds from this auction will benefit various Cancer related charities, victims and their families. Twenty percent (20%) will be donated directly through eBay to the above selected Cancer related charity. The remaining 80% will be used to establish the Linda J. Friends of FX Cancer Fund. This fund will be used to directly benefit friends and supporters of the The Florida Xtravaganza Convention and their families. Over the years, we have seen many of our supporters, volunteer staff and exhibitors affected by Cancer. We have lost friends who are dear to our heart including Linda Jarvinen for whom the fund is named and most recently our good friend Brian Wolfe. With the Linda J. Fund we will be in a position to directly help our dear friends and their families with much needed money for medical care, medications and financial support when they need it most. Thank you for bidding. 

10/04/13-- Appearing at FX... Barry Bostwick! Best remembered for his role as Brad in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," Barry Bostwick has a long and prestigious resume including Spin City Opposite Michael J. Fox, countless Movies, TV appearances and Broadway shows.

09/28/13-- Appearing at FX for his first ever convention signing!... Jaleel White! Born Nov. 27, 1976 in Pasadena, CA, Jaleel Ahmad White began working in front of the camera in commercials at the age of three, and quickly became a veteran child actor, booking appearances on everything from "The Jeffersons" (CBS, 1975-1985) to "Charlie & Co." (CBS, 1985-86) to "Mr. Belvedere" (ABC, 1985-1990). In fact, he almost landed the role of "Rudy" on "The Cosby Show" (NBC, 1984-1992) until Bill Cosby decided to make the character a girl. White's star-making role, however, came from a more unlikely place: a one-time guest spot on the sitcom "Family Matters" (ABC/CBS, 1989-1998) as the cartoonishly nerdy Steve Urkel. Most recently Jaleel has starred on Total Blackout and Dancing with the Stars.

09/24/13 - Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake will be appearing as a special guest at the Florida Xtravaganza!

09/16/13- We have a number of updates for you throughout the site.

First of all PEZLANDO will now be a "Collector's Meet" included within the Florida Xtravaganza event this year. We will follow up with a full blown stand-alone PEZLANDO Convention next year. This means that all exhibitors will be part of the one event. Attendees will have access to everything included in thier admission. We will still have exclusives. The Golden Glow pre-show exclusive will now be limited to only 100 pieces, the remainder will be a variation used as a staff exclusive for the show. So, if you are planning on getting one, do so soon as they will sell out. 

Dealers/Exhibitors/Artisits... Please get your completed applications in as soon as possible. Space is extremely limited and is going to sell out. If you are waiting, there may not be any space left for you. 

We are working hard to sign CELEBRITY GUESTS for the event and will have some exciting news in the next couple of weeks. 

09/15/13 - Appearing at FX! Actors from the classic "A Christmas Story." Scott Schwatrtz, Ian Petrella, Zach Ward and Yano Anaya!

08/01/13 -- 

Help us get the Show on the road! We are now accepting Exhibitor and Creator Applications as well as advance ticket purchases. Check out the Xclusives page for some AWESOME exclusive limited edition collectible items! Order Now! They won't last long!

06/26/13 --    Back, by popular demand... the Original Florida Xtravaganza Toy, Comic, Art and Fan Convention!

We are proud to announce the return of the much loved Orlando staple event to our new digs...

The Doubletree Seaworld (formally International Plaza) Hotel on NOVEMBER 15 - 17 2013

We are going back to our roots... a family run, fun collectible convention where you WILL find all of the Rarest and most sought after toys, comics and collectibles on your want list! The plans are currently under way to make this the most fun filled weekend of the year for collectors and fans alike and it is all in a single location! This year we will be featuring the first PEZ-Lando Convention! an event not to be missed. We will be making announcements here as we plan events, panels, exclusives and sign celebrity guests. Check back often. This year's venue is smaller than previous years, so don't wait to book your rooms, exhibitor booths or tickets.  Also, Please check out our "Funding Page" and help us finance the return of the Florida Xtravaganza and get yourself some AWESOME limited edition Exclusive collectibles!

I can't wait to see you there! - FXMike.